October 11, 2015

How to Create Titles and Meta Descriptions with All in One SEO

Learn how to create titles and meta descriptions quickly using a plugin called All in One SEO for WordPress.

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about how to input meta data, like titles and meta descriptions using all in one SEO pack plugin for WordPress.

So, I’m logged into my dashboard of WordPress already. And as you can see, there is an all in one SEO tab here on the left. We’re not going to do that because what we’re looking for is pages and post to add meta data to.

So I’m gonna go to pages to start. And you’ll notice that when you
installed the all in one SEO, there will be multiple sections that are added on the right, SEO Title, Description, Keywords, Redirect, and so you can see the first one, About Us, doesn’t have an SEO title or description which are really the only two things we’re focusing on.

So if you scroll down to the bottom here, you will see this section that says All in One SEO pack title, description. And so we want to create unique titles descriptions for each page and post to the site. And so we’re going to say About Us, cause we’re not really trying to rank for this page, but we do want to indicate to google that we’re, you know, paying attention to every page on the site and that matters. And so, for About Us, I’m going to say a lot of times I’ll copy some of the content up here and then I will just craft it to make it my own. So let’s just say I’m going to take this first line
and paste it down here. You can see we have a limit of a 160 characters, so I’m need to have to whittle this down, so we are going to start to get rid of words that aren’t necessary.

So Phoenix SEO Company was founded, I’ll just make our own. Now you can see I completely changed it. Sometimes you can copy text from the page and sometimes you can’t. I know, since this is my company, I can say who it was founded by, what the year, what the goal is. That might be hard for another company, so you might have to read the text of that page and understand you’re summarizing in 160 characters what this page is about.

So that is how you do a meta description. And also for the title, there is a counter here, so you have a maximum 60 characters. So google, somewhere between 55 and 60 characters, will truncate and it can dilute the value of a keyword. So really don’t try to stuff unnecessary things there. Make it look natural. Google’s trying to provide the best values for humans, so this is actually what’s going to show up on google search results in about us. The URL and what the meta description is.

Don’t really mess with keywords. There are some other options down here. You can decide to no follow. Let’s just say you’re doing a case study of a client and you know you don’t want the link juice
passed through to them, but really for our purposes today, we are just talking about the title, meta descriptions with all in one SEO pack. So that’s once it’s done, you’re gonna to the top. You’re gonna hit update.

And now, if we’re gonna go back to the pages
section, we should be able to see that top line now has a SEO title and SEO description and so now we can go to each one of these and create the same title, not the same, but create a title and description unique for each page. Every one you want to be different, so you don’t want a keyword stuff, you want every page to have its own unique title and description.

I hoped that helped and that’s how to create a meta description and SEO title for All in One SEO pro, no All in One SEO Pack for WordPress.

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