April 20, 2017

Create Claimable Business Listings on Your Website – Training Workshop for Directory Software

Thanks for joining Brilliant Directories’ co-founder, Jason Haloossim, and brand manager, Patrick Brunelle, for the tenth edition of Webinar Wednesdays! This webinar was recorded on March 22, 2017.

This webinar covers topics including:
– Integrate Infusionsoft with Brilliant Directories-powered websites
– Claimable Business Listings add-on walkthrough: http://www.brilliantdirectories.com/claimable-business-listings-add-on
– View all recent updates to the Brilliant Directories platform
– How to connect Google Analytics to your website
– How to edit your website’s robots.txt file
– How to add Google AdSense ads to your website
– Set maximum lead inquiries per user per day limit to reduce spam
– Disable unique email validation when joining
– Change listing search results button text and links
– Brilliant Directories link sharing
– Approve/decline member reviews
– Reply to Member Reviews add-on: http://www.brilliantdirectories.com/reply-to-member-reviews-add-on
– Entice new members to add profile details
– Open homepage divider links in a new tab
– Send confirmation email to new newsletter signups
– How to sell products/services on Brilliant Directories websites

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