April 27, 2017

On Page SEO Tutorials in Hindi part 1, Title tag, Page URL, Meta keyword , Description

SEO Tutorial Part 1 in Hindi
In This video I am telling about first stage of SEO parts or techniques which you should know before write an article or content. In this video I will also tell you about title tag, and Meta tags.
First of all we discuss about title tag. What is title tag, why we use this and how it is important for SEO of the page. Title tag describe in head section and result will show on the title bar of the web browser. When we search any key words on the search engines then many results are shows in the browser. In this every result three parts are showing firs title of the page which is usually in blue color and in big font. In the title tag we must use the main keyword which you want to target with long tail key word. We will discuss about long tail keyword in other session. Highest length of title is 60 characters.
Meta Description: it is showing in search engine results after the page URL. The mean of this tag, the short description of the page. That means the visitors can see that what is in the page content. In this you must add all the keywords which you want to target in the page. And remember that the length of the description will not more than 160 to 200 characters. The description is also effect on search engine to read about the page content.
PAGE URL: When you will post the page content or upload the page on the web then must check the page URL. When you will write the page Name then must mention the main keyword in the page URL. Because when search engine read the server then it will also target the page name of URL for the search results.
Meta keywords: This tag also describe in the head section and its results will not saw by the visitors. In this tag write the all keywords which you want to target for the search engine. Because every search engine must read this tag for making the table for the keywords results for the visitors. You can add more than 20 keyword. But make sure that the all keywords are different to other pages keywords.
In this video I told you about Title tag, Meta description, Meta keyword and Page URL that how they can help search engines to show the results. You must check that there is no any grammatical mistakes in the Meta description and its length will not more than 200 characters. Also must check the page tile’s length and also mentioned the main keyword and other targeted keywords in title and description.
In next session we will discuss about the How decide that which keyword is best for the page or content which you want to upload and post on the web. So please subscribe my channel for more updates on SEO tutorials in Hindi and must like and share this video.

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