September 29, 2017

Backlinking Strategies in 2017 and Beyond

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In this Q&A we’ll cover:
• What is a Backlink?
o Why are backlinks important?
o How many backlinks does a website need to be successful?
o Why backlinks are not all created equal
• Why is website architecture important?
o What is link flow and link juice
o How important is it to link to other pages on your website?
• Rules for Backlinks
o No Blackhat tactics (SAY NO TO PBN’S!)
o Keep the backlinks relevant
o Don’t tell them what Anchor text to use (Too much of a good thing, is a bad thing)
o Don’t waste time with social/blog commenting/other manual methods.
• How to get backlinks
o If you build it, they will NOT come.
o Create QUALITY content that you’re proud of
o 70/30 rule. 30% creating good content, 70% networking and sharing for links
o Get on the individuals radar before asking for a link
o Always give your target SOMETHING in exchange for the link
• Tools needed to get backlinks
o Ahrefs
o Gmass
o A list of emails (typically given by a VA researcher)
o A dedicated email address and patience.
• Methods to get backlinks
o Guest posting
o Broken link building
o Finding similar resources and offering yourself as an alternative or complimentary resource
o Geo-specific databases
• Process of getting backlinks
o Find emails
o Reach out 3x (Gmass makes this very simple) with custom messages
o 1st message: General….thought you’d like this
o 2nd message: Video….help explain why your resource is great
o 3rd message: Tell them you’re up for a phone call and try one last time
o Realize that if you can get a 5% link rate, that’s pretty good.
o The more creative you are and the more you give, the better this will work.

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