October 5, 2017

Top 3 reputation management tools for small business | Adsoup Roundup EP#5


According to research 1 out of every three consumers who receive a response an online complaint end up reposting a positive review. Also, 34% end up deleting their negative review altogether, which means managing your reputation online is pretty important.

So here are three tools you can use to manage that reputation.

Brand24 is a social media monitoring & analytics tool that helps you track & engage online conversations about your business.

It regularly scours the web, either blog posts, social media chats or even YouTube comments, for mentions of your website or business name & then shows them to you in its dashboard. It does this in Real-time with its premium package or 12-hour updates in its basic package

Another cool feature is that it will understand the sentiment of the conversations around your business, so you know if it’s positive or negative chatter online.

As far as its sentiment analysis works, the company claims to give a 75% accuracy rating. This is about average for the majority of social media monitoring software packages available.

A plus is that the company’s sentiment algorithms include emojis and slang. This is not something you will find on all tools like this

There are limited ways to respond to social media messages in this tool, which may be a deal breaker for some. However, there’s an API, which allows you to connect to something that does.

Brand24 has 3 pricing plans ranging from 49 US a month to 400 US a month, but for most small business, the 49 dollar package will be more than enough.

Google Alerts will suit those looking for a good “set and forget” tool, & while many complain about its lack of development and support, it is still a free tool.

All you do is enter a keyword or 10, then set how you want to receive notifications when it finds mentions, & that’s the extent of its complexity.

Alerts can be set-up about anything making this tool useful for individuals, SME’s & corporates.

A drawback is that Google will only alert you if new articles, pages or posts make it into their top ten of “Google News Results” “for your query”, “the top twenty Google WEB Search results” or the “Top ten google blog search results.”

This means that if the top results remain static for a while, you won’t receive a notification, & it’s likely you will only receive a fraction of the actual mentions regarding keywords or phrases being monitored.

For users of this service, to get the most out of it, there are a few parameters need to be set such as How often alerts are received; this can be “As it happens, at most once a day, or at most once a week”.

Results can be obtained from a particular region & in different languages, & it is possible to activate an option allowing the user to select the source of this information such as Blogs, News, or the Web.

I would suggest looking into Google’s search modifiers to receive maximum benefit from this free so tool, & while it’s not being supported or developed it’s been around for a long time, & I can’t see anything saying that Google will close it down anytime soon.

Let’s move on to our final social media monitoring tool. While it is not free, it is certainly worth a mention!

Mention claims to be able to monitor your customers, campaigns, brand, competitors, products & industry anywhere online.

Setting-up and installation of the tools are quick & easy while its functionality allows easy monitoring of your own brand or business, or competitors.

Some users do say, however, that while this is a dynamic monitoring tool the ability to access historical data & how granular you can get on its results are limited.

Mention claim to monitor over 1 billion sources say, from social media to blogs & unlike Brand 24, they do have more capacity to allow you to directly respond to users that are talking about your brand as it happens.

Their pricing ranges from 29 us a month to 99 a month, & they have an enterprise version that is “price on application”, their 29$ version is rather limited though with only 2 basic alerts, but you can get discounts on higher packages by paying annually.

One key feature of their custom plan is the influencers dashboard, this tool, allows you to find digital influencers in your target demographic that you can reach out to, to get them to promote your product. That, however, is in their Price on application package, & I personally hate that, but they have a lot more features for.. however much they will charge, I will say it’s going to be at least 3-400 a month.

So that was 3 top tools to manage your reputation online, for more lists or news about Asia tech and startups, please subscribe to the channel or page. Please like & share this video, or if you have any questions or tools you want me to look into, please comment below.

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