November 30, 2017

How to get more Google reviews

**UPDATE** Google have stopped supporting their google URL shortener so please use or similar services.

Want more reviews on Google? This video will show you how to use the google tools to create a link to your review page and then shorten that URL to make it nice and easy to share with your customers and get more google reviews.

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Google API page:

URL to add your ID to:
(add your ID after the = sysmbol)

URL Shortener:

Please remember this should be used to send to your clients if they are willing to give you a review. Its a good idea to ask your clients if they would spend the 5 minutes it takes to write a review before sending them the link.

Also Google states that you cant bribe your clients to write a review or have a stationed within your business with the sole purpose of taking reviews from clients.

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