December 12, 2017

Review Schema – Get Review Stars in Google With Markup

Are you using review schema?

Yes, you should get review stars in Google (if you have good reviews that is. Learn more about this service here.

When it comes to review stars, there is a lot to know. But the main thing you need to know, is you need review schema.

First, you can attribute review stars from other places online to your website. You can actually tell Google that “Hey! I have 5 stars here, associate it with this page.” And it works!

But you need to make sure you don’t do it incorrectly, or you can get a penalty. You cannot use review schema markup on pages that are not associated with the product or the service. That is a no-no. Also, it is a little different for each site. It is very unique for websites that sell products, you must really pick one page to list them on.

Get started with review schema today. It is something all websites should do.

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