February 20, 2018

BTS006, Blogging as an Unpublished Fiction Writer | BTS Podcast Diary

I was recently listening to an episode of a podcast that was discussing how to build a platform as an unpublished fiction author. And coincidentally I didn’t agree with all the tips they shared. There was one tip I disagreed with that these guys shared with certainty. While writing your novel is the most important thing you can do as an unpublished author you need to build your author platform before you hit publish. And, I’m sorry, but a one-page stagnant website will not achieve this. You need to get eyeballs on that website.

So, today I will devote this episode of the behind-the-scenes podcast diary to this topic because I’m so passionate about it and I think it needs to be discussed. This topic is blogging and whether you can use blogging to build a platform as an unpublished author.

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