July 29, 2018

How To Do Local SEO For Websites Using WordPress [Part 3]

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In today’s video, we continue out Local SEO rankings series. In the series, I go over step by step ranking my client on Google

I purchased a brand new website and a brand new domain to start with the SEO process.

In doing so I decided to record the process in a series to show people exactly how to rank websites in Google using WordPress.

Now that we have the website set up, I am now going to cover the first phase of on-page optimization. A process in which you optimize each and every page to target a specific phrase or keyword.

With proper local SEO keywords to target, you can start to get qualified traffic onto your website that will convert into new customers.

We also optimized the client’s Google My Business settings to get a maximum reach in the local map pack.

A new video for this series will be dropping each and every week

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