December 5, 2018

19 Link Building Techniques (That Work in 2020)

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1️⃣ Grow Your Website’s Authority

Every effective link building should begin on the site-level. What’s awesome is that there are many ways to grow your site’s authority without any new backlinks.

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One of the primary objectives of getting backlinks is to grow your site’s authority. That’s because website authority makes rankings 10x easier.

I’ll show you 6 techniques that you can use that don’t need outreach (or any new links).

#5 is my personal favorite and it’s proven to work across many industries.

2️⃣ Create Linkable Assets

Effective content creator and link builders never guess. They used data to guide their decisions. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this section. I’ll show you how to create linkable assets that will attract backlinks (without you needing to be clever). Follow the data, create the asset, and promote it. It’s that simple.

3️⃣ Stack Non-Content Dependent Link Building Techniques

Many link building techniques do not need content. That’s what this section is all about. #16 is an “untapped” technique (IMO).

Make sure you watch the entire video because I’ll be explaining how to use the bonus resources below. Also, there’s a lot of depth in this video, so take it slow and take action on each point.

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