May 6, 2019

How To Get Backlinks In 2019 – A Simple 5 Step Process To Build High Quality Backlinks, FAST!

Video reveals how to get backlinks from authority sites free. This is my #1 backlink building strategy for 2019 that has more than doubled my traffic from Google in 2 months!

Whether search engine optimization consultants like it or not, link building is still the #1 ranking factor in Google rankings. This backlink building tutorial will guide you through the 5 step process!

There are 2 backlink building resources mentioned in the video.

#1 is the full backlink course with 55 step-by-step training videos and all the templates you’ll need:

#2 is the hands off backlink service to get high quality backlinks from a team that does all the work, you can go to:

Here is the summary of the backlink building strategy for reference:
Links to each of the steps:
Step #1 – Build your list of target backlinks- 1:14
Step #2 – Create a better post than what is currently ranking – 2:38
Step #3 – Begin the outreach process – 3:49
Step #4 – Follow up! – 5:27
Step #5 – Scale the process with tools – 6:17
Bonus #1- How to get backlink building done For you – 6:53
Bonus #2- How to get advanced training & templates to scale the process and build backlinks FAST – 8:03

Here’s the best strategy to get high quality backlinks.

1 – Find content in your niche that has a ton of backlinks already.

You want to focus on the high search volume phrases that are hyper relevant to your audience that also have high keyword difficulty score.

Generally I recommend you focus on phrases that have low keyword difficulty score, as shown in this keyword research for seo video:

But for this process, you want to focus on the high difficulty score keyword phrases because they will have the most backlinks and the high quality backlinks.

Create a list of all the backlinks that have high DA ad PA pointing to this competitors’ site.

You will need a tool that allows you to explore the backlinks of individual pages, KWFinder has a backlink research tool ( ), you can also use SEMRush for this ( ) or ahrefs.

2 – Create a BETTER post with more value, more research, more insights.

It MUST BE BETTER! If the current ranking posts is the 13 ways to accomplish a goal, you should make a post with the 21 ways to accomplish that goal.

Or if the top video explains a tutorial in all written text with no videos and no images, you should make a better post with step by step images, videos, and even more guidance.

The key to this backlink building strategy hinges on you actually creating epic content that is 10x better than what is currently getting all the backlinks.

Also, you still must learn SEO and apply all the basic SEO principles to your post as taught in this free SEO class:

3 – Reach out to every person with high DA/PA who link’d to the competitor’s post asking for a link.

This is the real ‘work’ in the process and it is a grind, to be honest. You have to research the website owner to find an email address or contact form.

If you can’t find their contact info from their website, you need to get resourceful and search Facebook, YouTube, everywhere, really!

Then you begin sending emails acknowledging that they have a great post that links to a competitors’ site… Then it needs to introduce your post and how your post is more valuable for THEIR audience!

This is the core of the backlink outreach process and you’ll need to go through the process hundreds of times to get even a handfull of backlinks.

4 – Follow up/engage because 99% will ignore you

You will get rejected a lot in this process… But even more, you will get ignored. As the common sales phrase goes, “The fortune is in the follow up!”

You must follow up and you will get people asking for you to pay… Or for link exchanges which I don’t do because that is against Google’s TOS… But there are some tactics to turning those replies into backlinks still without breaking Google’s terms of service.

5 – Leverage tech like MailShake & Hunter io To SCALE the outreach.

This is the real power in the process is applying scale to the whole system. If you are doing al the research manually and sending each email manually, it can work but you will only be able to get out a dozen or two backlink outreach emails each day.

With these tools you can scale to hundreds or thousands of backlinks which can lead to dozens or hundreds of new backlinks per month which is the key to boosting your traffic in google.

I recommend this course for help scaling the process or if you want to outsource the whole thing to your virtual SEO assistant, just hand them this course:


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