June 19, 2019

HOW TO OUTLINE A BLOG POST: The PERFECT blog post format that I use when writing my blog posts

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Remember a few weeks back when I shared a YouTube video on How To Write A Blog Post?! Well, I’m coming at ya today with a video further explaining how to outline a blog post. Really focusing on how I create an outline for my blog posts that I share on my website! Plus I’m diving a bit more into how to format a blog post while talking all things heading tags!

The final product of the blog post that I outlined – http://thecontentbug.com/2019/06/26/first-1000-subscribers-on-youtube/

○ How To Write A Blog Post – https://youtu.be/ZlbHdYMWSOA
○ 1 to 1,000 Subscribers On YouTube -https://youtu.be/ELMCY5nsZqs

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