December 12, 2019

How To Rank For Competitive Keywords On Google With Crappy Old Pages (10-Step Process)

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In this video we will look at how to rank for tough keywords even if your pages are old and stuck.

The 3 main elements you’ll learn in this session are:

1) How to get a page (or even a website) UNSTUCK on Google.
2) My 10-step process to getting pages ranking.
3) Micro signals from Google that let you know what to do next.

Therefore, if you have one page or even many pages, this will help you rank for money keywords that will bring in profit.

So what do you do if you have a money page that just won’t rank?
1) We’re going to remove anything that might be hurting our page.
2) Then we’ll optimize the page and ‘reset it’ so Google assigns it a new page score.
3) Then we’re going to rank it (hopefully on page 1)

Step 1: Analyze The Page
We want to identify potential bad links that might hinder our rankings (we will keep the good links).

Step 2: Hard Link Reset
Once you list your links, we’re going to clean things up. Remember, you just need a handful of good links to rank.

If it’s a natural link recommendation to your site, leave it.

Leave Them Links: guest posts, forum posts, comments, news articles, social media, reputable directories.

Disavow Links: Adult spam, mass comments, auto-generated text, GSA & SENuke Web 2.0, profile links, low quality directories.

Toxicity Test Links: PBNs, Sister sites (almost anything you own & control)

Step 2B: Testing Your PBNs
If you’re using PBNs, make sure you individually test them… here’s how.

1) Test the PBN by creating a link to a page on another site ranking for a keyword on page 2-3 with 0 backlinks.
2) Monitor the keyword and see if your target page increases in rankings within 2 weeks.
3) If it doesn’t, then remove the PBN link pointing to your site (and remove the test link!).

Step 3: Updating your PBN (if you’re using them)

1) Add 100 words (new paragraph)
2) Add 1 new image (relevant file name)
3) Do not change the link anchor text or any text surrounding your link.

Step 4: Content Reset

1) Add a minimum of 100 words to your content (close to top of page).
2) Add 1 image to your content (close to top of page).
3) Add 1 comment to your page (or add a review if you’re working on an ecommerce product page).

This will be enough to signal that the page has been updated and is ‘fresh”

Step 5: Optimize The Page Using NTopic
1) Enter your keyword
2) Plug in your text
3) See which words are missing
4) Add them to your page until you get a score of 99%

For further information keep watching the video

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