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Our link building company has experience going back to the earliest days of SEO. As the SEO industry has changed and evolved, we have refined our link building services to deliver maximum results to our clients while adhering to industry best practices at all times.

A link building expert is central to any successful SEO campaign. Google’s algorithm continues to place enormous emphasis on inbound links, because links continue to be one of the most reliable indicators of a website’s authority, usefulness, engagement and popularity. These are qualities that search engine users look for, and websites that have them are therefore the types of sites Google is eager to show users in organic results.

Link building gets a lot of bad press, and many companies consider it an SEO tactic to be wary of or avoid altogether. This is a mistake. It is true that Google has changed the ground rules for link building over the years, but there always were and still are professional and acceptable methods of building links — methods that will help your business achieve maximum organic visibility.

The key is to find an agency that understands Google requirements inside and out, and that has the professionalism to do the job correctly and not look for link building shortcuts. This has been, is now and always will be our approach at Position1.

Our Link Building services include: Link Audits, Content Marketing, Initial Backlink Analysis, Competition and Industry Analysis, Link Acquisition Strategy Development and More…

Initial Backlink Analysis

We examine your existing backlink profile to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to help formulate a strategy that will provide you with the biggest benefits. We look at important metrics like domain authority, anchor text ratios, link placements, types of links, toxic links, and more.

Competition and Industry Analysis

Next, we perform a similar analysis for your top competitors which gives us insight into where quality backlinks come from in your industry and what it will take to compete on their level.

Link Acquisition Strategy Development

Based on the initial analyses and your goals we determine the best link strategy for your website, including branded vs. keyword anchor text, what pages of your website to earn links to (homepage, product pages, service pages, blog articles, about pages), the best sources for new links, and more.

Manual Outreach

This stage is highly customized and accounts for the bulk amount of work in any Link Acquisition campaign. We determine who is worth contacting based on many factors such as competitor links, sites that would be likely to link, or accept content, and so on. We use our expertise to maximize the link acquisition results based on who we decide to reach out to.

Ongoing Analysis, Reports, and Updates

As we work on your backlink profile, we are constantly monitoring changes to your domain authority, anchor text ratios, link placements, types of links, and more to ensure that it remains healthy and has the right composition to improve your website’s visibility. We also continue monitoring your competitors’ profiles for changes and new opportunities and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

A white-hat approach to link building keeps websites safe from incurring any Google penalties. Today, the quality of a link is infinitely more important than the total quantity. Things like relevancy, usefulness, and a positive search experience matter a great deal. Google updates like Panda and Penguin confirm that websites need to conform to Google Guidelines and incorporate white-hat SEO into their business model in order to generate rankings, traffic, and online revenue.

This is where Search Position1’s expertise in as a quality link building and backlink services provider for all businesses and websites. Our affordable link building services packages include:

Hire Search Berg for link building services! Our back link specialists have a thorough understanding of how Google ranks websites and web pages. There are over 200 variables and link building is at the core of it. Our white-hat approach to SEO brings long term Google rankings, relevant web traffic and genuine leads. There are no contracts. No hidden fees.

How We Succeed in Link Building

The keywords that “feel right” to you may not be the best ones for your campaign, and competing for qualified traffic on the Internet is a different
proposition than marketing in the “real world”.

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Business Profile Creation
  • Business Profile Citations
  • Keyword Link Building
  • Key Business Directories
  • Competitive Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image Optimization
  • Blog Submissions
  • Article Submissions

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