November 1, 2018

Marketing Scoop 2.5 [Advertising] How is AI Changing Paid Search Advertising?

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In this episode we’re largely talking about how AI is changing paid search advertising.

Initially we touch on a couple of news stories:
– 2:00 How Amazon advertising is on the increase
– 6:25 Google Ads have launched a new click-to-message feature.

Main section:
– 11:54 How AI is changing paid search advertising

About this episode’s guests:

Purna Virji is a Keynote Speaker and was ranked by PPC Hero in 2016 as the #1 Most Influential PPC expert in the world. Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft. Columnist for Search Engine Land and Moz. International keynote speaker at conferences such as The Next Web, AdWeek, and INBOUND.

Matthew Macchia is the CEO of AdFury, a company focused on simplifying the dazzlingly complex world of Pay-Per-Click Marketing. The pay-per-click world continues to struggle to compete in an arena where the cards are stacked against them. AdFury is a way to level the playing field and give your business a competitive advantage in your online marketing.

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