February 24, 2020

10X Higher Converting Landing Page | 6 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization on Shopify Dropshipping

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Have you ever thought about what your landing could convert a biiiit better? I bet $10 that you did! 😝

Meet Oliver Kenyon – a guy who knows how to get 3-5% conversion increase per 1 bit of advice? And he dedicated his life to figure out a ton of those.

Here are some of them (which I haven’t edited out for myself 😅):
– What are you doing wrong with your LP 🙈
– Strategy to increase speed and key metrics
– EXACT layout for the top of the landing page 🔝
– Some handy tools
– The AIDA principle you MUST use 🤓
– Clickfunnels and emojis: who’s worst for your LP
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