August 31, 2019

Local SEO 2020: Step-By-Step How To Rank #1 on Google

Learn local SEO 2020 step by step is a great way to make money and I show how Ito make this possible step-by-step in 2020.

It’s very important to note that the SEO methods taught in this video are actual local techniques that I’ve learned from trial and error in our industry.
I was happy to upload this video today to help beginners that are struggling to put the pieces together and learn a proper Local SEO format to implement step by step.

Local SEO has really changed most businesses in regards to local search traffic.

A website for targeting local keywords that are local that have a proper URL structure, META DATA, & H1 H2 H3 TITLES, will always rank #1 in Google with a proper backlinking strategy .

Local SEO ranking can be achieved with all of these aspects and proper backlinking.

The days of poor quality in 2020 are long gone!

We need high quality Web 2.0 , we need high quality press releases and also high quality citations along with quality network links if you choose to go that route or high quality guest post links.

To achieve better ranking in Google it is all about high quality and giving Google what it wants. And that is the best answer to a query.

So, here are what’s discussed in this video:

-Google’s algorithm
-Market Research/Keyword Research
-On Page Structure
-Off Page Optimization/ Backlinking
-PBNS -Private Blog Networks
-White hat links
– Press Releases

Every aspect of SEO needs to be perfect moving into 2020 and I am glad I could lay out a foundation for everyone to follow I hope that you enjoy this how to video.
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It’s also important to note the tools we use in the video when ranking local SEO in 2020

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