January 14, 2020

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency | SMMA [COMPLETE GUIDE: PART 1] Digital Marketing

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A marketing agency is a business that provides campaign solutions to companies that are trying to increase their brand recognition on the internet. In this instance, strategies are done online or digital, instead of traditional methods such as radio, print or TV ads.
Digital marketing is comprised of various methods that I like to call SWEPS which stands for Social, Web, Email, Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing. Then there’s also CM which means Content Marketing. Once you have learned at least one of those strategies, you can start earning money running campaigns for companies that need your expertise.
If you are planning to start an SMMA in 2020, you must have heard a lot of things that hinder you to start, and one thing is probably the oversaturation in the marketing industry. Think about how a lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses per year – there are millions! That said, you are guaranteed that you can find a potential client who will be needing your assistance to come up with successful campaigns that will drive traffic for their business.

To start your marketing agency, you will need these:
1. Laptop
2. Internet
3. Business License
4. Tax ID
5. Bank Account
6. Niche
7. Business Name
8. Website
9. In-depth understanding of SWEPS and CM

00:01:47 – Making $10,000+ Per Month or MORE [What They Don’t Tell You]
00:09:43 – SWEPS + CM Digital Marketing Explained
00:20:11 – Playlist
00:20:22 – Facebook & Instagram With Ads
01:05:15 – What is Your Focus?
01:05:30 – Website Marketing, Development, & Design
01:29:34 – Are you looking for more instructional videos like this?
01:30:05 – Email Marketing & Automations
01:45:23 – PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing A.K.A. Paid Ads

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