December 15, 2011

On Page SEO – Page Title Element

Now we look at some very important html called the Page Title Element.

You can find the necessary html at

It is worth customising your Page Title Elements for every page of your site so that they are relevant to the content on that page.

By way of example, imagine your website is related to cleaning services. Let´s say you offer both commercial & domestic cleaning services. In this case the Page Title Element for the commercial cleaning page should ideally be different to the domestic services page.

In terms of length your Page Title Element can be up to 70-80 characters in length – that´s roughly 7 to 10 words – & make them legible & understandable — don´t just stuff them full of keywords. Also you should avoid unnecessary jargon or padding words & ensure that they identify exactly what it is that you do.

A great tip is to put your strongest keywords first in the Page Title Element. If we use the previous example, when you are doing the page relating to domestic cleaning then you would need to ensure that “domestic cleaning” is included as the first keyword.

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