April 24, 2014

13 How to Create Web Page Titles for SEO

13 How to Create Web Page Titles for SEO video session details ways for creating web page title element. Created by https://goo.gl/4UFEae rankya search engine optimization consultancy for the benefit of all website owners, this video session is part of the complete SEO training course which is now available on #rankyaseoservices YouTube channel.

When creating your landing pages, we know that Google has limited amount of things that it can analyze for understanding our landing pages.

Google Webmaster Guidelines clearly state that all web page content creation should directed to users best interest and usability (user experience of their website) we can then confidently reason as to web page title element is important because when Google search engine shows its search results, it includes the title from your landing pages.

That is why the web title element not only can guide Google to understand the content on your landing pages, you can by cleverly constructing your web page title increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) (which Google also tracks and considers when ranking web documents). To learn more about Google webmaster guidelines visit:

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