January 11, 2017

Keyword Research – on Page SEO Optimization – Title Tag and Body Content

Hello my name is David Montalvo and I’m the CEO of UnReal Web Marketing. I help businesses increase their revenue by achieving top rankings in Google via Search Engine Optimization. I have over 17 years of experience on SEO and in the last 7 years, I generated over 80 Million dollars in web sales for several companies in the United States. I have achieved over 12 Million top rankings in Google and on this video, I’m going to show how to find the keywords or phrases that are going to bring you quality traffic as well as how to optimize your website to increase your conversion ratio.

UnReal Web Marketing offers SEO to small, mid-size and large companies in Long Island as well as the New York Area. Our SEO approach will help your company achieve great rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is a great way to bring more visitors to your website and increase your business ROI. The more traffic will translate to more sales and phone calls. Let UnReal Web Marketing optimize your website for Local and nationwide rankings. Our SEO campaign includes, keyword analysis, domain authority report, keyword density, link popularity reports, etc.

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Once you have the list of terms or phrases you want to target , we are going to use the homepage to go after the most competitive phrase. Please keep in mind that some rankings can take up to 4 or 6 months to achieve, others can take longer. I had an interesting experience with a client 5 years ago. We decided to go after a phrase that was getting 18,000 searches per month in Google, it took nearly 14 months to get a #2 ranking, but this phrase brought close to 7,000 visitors per month. This client sold a product that was going for $299 dollars, shopping cart conversion was 3%, monthly orders for that specific phrase, 210, that translated to $62,790 dollars just for one phrase. So keep that in mind when choosing the phrases you are targeting. If you can afford to wait 10 to 12 months to get a competitive ranking, go for it. But if time is a concern, optimize for less popular keywords, you will get less traffic but you will start getting orders in less than 60 days.


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