April 27, 2018

Google my business reviews – How to get reviews on google my business


How to get reviews on google my business – As business owners you work hard to deliver a great experience to your customers, and in today’s world using the positive experience of happy customers is a great way to acquire new customers. More Google business reviews = more customers. Not surprisingly, it’s frustrating when Google deletes a google business review you obtained through legitimate methods, and even more so when you don’t know the root cause.

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To understand why Google deletes a review, start by thinking of Google not as a person, but as a machine. There is a set of rules that the machine follows, and there are things that it automatically looks for and when the machine comes across review violation criteria, it automatically deletes that review. Google uses the same general algorithms for all businesses and all software platforms, with the algorithms adapting to each business based on review behavior. The machine doesn’t discriminate; it examines a piece of data and makes a decision.

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