April 30, 2018

Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

Learn 5 powerful white hat link building strategies you can use to get backlinks fast. The tool used in this tutorial is Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.
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This is the third and final video in our backlink analysis and link building series. If you missed the first two videos, then I highly recommend going back to watch the videos here:

The other videos in this series will help you understand the various reports and backlink research tactics that will be used throughout this tutorial. The 5 link building strategies covered in this video include:

1. Piggyback off your competitor’s homepage links.
2. How to build links to your existing pages (by stealing them from your competitors)
3. Broken link building.
4. NEW: 301 redirect link building.
5. Finding guest posting opportunities(with a twist)

Each strategy is broken down into bite-sized actionable step-by-step instructions so that you can immediately use them and work towards ranking your pages at the top of Google.


1:13 Piggyback off your competitor’s homepage links
4:21 Build links to your existing pages that need an extra boost
8:23 Try broken link building
12:06 Build links from irrelevant 301 redirects
13:51 Guest-post on sites where your competitors are posting (with a twist)

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