February 11, 2019

Reputation Management SEO: Protecting Your Brand from Google (2019)

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Are you protecting the reputation of your brand and your key leadership?

What is Reputation Management?
Knowing what people are saying and influencing your perceptions of your brand and leadership for the good.

Why Reputation Management SEO is Important

Most people don’t think about their branded searches until it is too late

Reputation Management SEO Strategies
– Changing who ranks
– Changing rank order
– Changing content on ranking pages
– Changing Google SERP features
– Shift search demand

Reputation Management SEO Tactics
1. Getting links, with key anchor text, pointing to strategic pages not necessarily all pointing to the home page.
2. Pitching Journalist/Bloggers/Editors
3. Creating your own content – Medium, Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Guest posting – don’t necessarily need to get backlinks
4. Influencing the reviews – TOS
5. Legal – Filing trademark violation – email or letter from an attorney – other legal approaches – DMCA protocols – directly through Google – Protest on page
6. Branding and influencer marketing – start using your preferred “search branding keyword” in your marketing
7. Anchor text and surrounding text in your page to reshape suggested searches
8. Using sites that influence Google features – Pinterest (photos), Youtube (video), News, local review sites (Maps)
9. Separate keywords specific domains – not usually a strategy/tactics
10. Negative SEO attacks – buying review sites
11. Monitoring brand and rankings – tools


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