July 21, 2012

Title Optinization #3 | SEO Tutorials


SEO Tutorials | Title, description and meta keywords optimisation:

– Title
– Keyword position within a title
– Use unique titles for each page within your website
– The page title can be displayed within the search engine results
– What happens if you do not have a title or have a bad title?
– Titles for documents such as Microsoft word or PDF files
– CTR (click through rate) and SEO
– Titles and matching html headings
– Keyword positioning within your title
– Localisation of your titles
– Google will only display around 64 characters but may index up to 250 characters
– Titles and branding
– Keyword proximity within the title
– The order of words within your key phrase is important
– Singular vs. Plural versions of your keyword
– Stop words
– Separators
– Using smaller words
– Call to action (CTA)
– Using exact keyword matches
– Use natural capitalisation
– Different title and description text
– Do not use multiple titles within a single web page
– Description
– The meta keyword list

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