August 14, 2019

How to Rank Higher on Google (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Want to know how to rank higher on Google? Learn a 5 step process to get more #1 rankings and organic traffic to your website.
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In this tutorial, Sam lays out an SEO strategy to help improve your Google rankings that you can implement in a systematized fashion.

In the first step, you’ll learn how to find underperforming pages and keywords using tools like Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Google Search Console. Moving your first page rankings just a spot or two higher can make a significant impact to increase search traffic.

In step 2, Sam breaks down 3 important things that will help you prioritize keywords to work on:
– Queries that have business value
– Keywords that don’t have SERP features above you
– Keywords that are already generating search traffic

In the third step, you’ll find out exactly why you’re being outranked by looking at 3 so-called “ranking factors” that correlate highly with search engine rankings and traffic.

Sam also shares what he believes to be the most important thing to optimize for when it comes to search engine optimization.

In step 4, Sam gives you some powerful tips to beat the other pages where it matters. This means focusing on solving problems that attribute why you’re not ranking higher. You’ll learn actionable ways to overcome these issues.

In the final step, you’ll learn how to track your rankings, which will help you measure your SEO efforts.

Thereafter, it’s a matter of rinsing and repeating the process outlined for all of your keywords.

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn the things to examine so you can figure out why you’re not ranking high on Google and take action to consistently rank higher on Google.


0:38 Find underperforming pages with good keywords
2:41 Choose the keywords you want to improve on
5:31 Find out why you’re being outranked
10:47 Beat the other pages where it matters most
12:26 Track your rankings

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