August 13, 2019

The Holy Grail of Conversion Rate Optimisation Hacks | Mohamed Ali Aguel, AWeurope 2018

The Holy Grail of Conversion Rate Optimisation Hacks

by Mohamed Ali Aguel (CEO, Digital Marketing Triumph)

You can’t optimise conversion rates unless you know the who, what, where, and why of your visitors. You can’t optimise what you don’t know. It’s about gathering data. Even if you have to buy traffic to feed your formula, you can’t be left making changes based off of what you think consumers want. Once you have it, you can start tinkering. But how?

There is no one better to guide you through advanced CRO tactics than Mohamed Ali Aguel aka Mo, one of Shopify’s go-to lecturers for ecommerce. He’s going to teach you how to reach more customers and lower acquisition costs all while increasing revenue and profits without spending more on ads. Plus, bidding strategies that would only be possible through the specialised CRO lessons he will share with you on the Affiliate World Europe stage.

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